Winston Churchill and the Iron Curtain

Winston Churchill was British hero at the time of WWII. He was the Prime Minister when the war began. He rallied the British hopes with his powerful speeches and good decisions. Winston Churchill was absolutely determined not to surrender to the Nazis. Churchill made many speeches to life the moral of the British people.  In 1942 he joined Roosevelt and Stalin and formed the Allied Forces.  He died in 1965 and was 90 years old. He was named the greatest Briton of all time in a 2002 poll.

Churchill referred to the difficulties in Eastern and Western Europe as the Iron Curtain. This Iron Curtain was also known as the Cold War.  The Cold War was mostly a non-violent war between the US and Russia. Both countries wanted to rebuild Europe differently. The Soviet Union wanted to make it communist and the US strongly disagreed.  The split in Europe resulted in Germany divided by occupation forces.

In 1948 the Soviets tried to cut off Berlin’s access to the West. The Soviet tanks blocked all roads into Berlin, and the Allies chose to fly in supplies to the citizens of Berlin. After a year the Soviets backed off.  This was a similar project to the Marshall Plan, which was the plan that the Americans developed for rebuilding Europe. The US gave million of dollars of aid and American exports boomed. However the Soviets refused the money.

West German leader Ludwig Erhard announced on June 22, 1948 that all German market controls would be lifted and all citizens should head back to work the next day. Incredibly, the next day everyone in Germany went back to work and the country began to recover. By 1955 the “Economic Miracle” had visible results and was recognized around the world as an incredible recovery.


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